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Title Inauguration Ceremony for the 15th President Jong Gou Park
Writer sogpr Date 2017-03-13 Views 1701

The ceremony and Mass for the inauguration of the 15th president Jong Gou Park were held at St. Ignatius Chapel at 10 AM, March 10, 2017.


Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung and distinguished guests graced the venue of the inaugural ceremony.
  Cardinal Yeom of the Seoul Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church held the mass.



In his inaugural addresses, President Park said that “the history of Sogang is based on the foundation of the advanced education system that utilizes the global network of universities of the Society of Jesus and its education philosophy of 470 years,” and further added that “Sogang University has provided the exemplary model for Korea’s university education for more than 50 years and the university has been called ‘the symbol of innovation.” He also mentioned that he will do his best to “move forward for the way that well-demonstrates the characteristics and originality of Sogang University.”

In addition, President Park reveals his ambition of “providing a new model for university education of Korea that has been faced with a number of difficulties by extensively employing innovation of the education system of Sogang University.” He highlighted that “the innovation will be more focused on qualitative growth, rather than on quantitative growth.” President Park plans to gradually improve the student facilities such as lecture room, library, gym, and club houses, and in particular, he will focus on improving Loyola Library.

Furthermore, President Park said that “the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution presents a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.” Therefore, “nurturing the creative talent via innovative education is the only way to survive in the huge tide of global competition, and Songang University will establish a new bachelor and master associated courses in which major and liberal arts are converged in order to prepare for the new era.”

Through the recommendation of the committee of recommendation for presidential candidate, President Jong Gou Park was appointed as the 15th president at the 8th meeting of the board of directors on December 8, 2016, and initiated his term on February 1, 2017.