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Title Professor Lee Jung-chul developed a detailed scale that can measure living cells
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Professor Lee Jung-chul developed a precision balances that can measure live cells

- With simple process, expects widely spread the use in industry fields-



Department of Mechanical Engineering Professor Lee Jung-chul’s research team developed ‘glass capillary resonator’ which is a delicate scale that can measure mass of single cell or micro particle living inside the solution. Glass capillary is made up of thin pipe shape made up of glass, resonator means an equipment or system that induces phenomenon to vibrate with structure with external force on natural frequency.


Glass capillary resonator which the research team developed shows outstanding degree of accuracy similar to the level of MEMS Sensor with just general process without semiconducting process. MEMS Sensor is a sensor that measures force, vibration, temperature, weight and so on through micromachining similar to the micro level. Therefore, with the development of this resonator can solve the problem of complex operation, overhead costs and expensive manufacturing facilities. Professor Lee Jung-chul said, “We developed glass capillary resonator that can precisely measure the weight of single cell or fine micro particle as the size of a millionth of a particle. And explained the meaning of research, “Due to inexpensive and simple production method, it is expected to widely spread to not just in life science research but also in overall industry.


This research was carried out with the support from Ministry of Science and ICT Basic Research Project(Individual research), and as the result, published in Scientific Reports which is an international academic journal.


- Thesis Title : Pulled microcapillary tube resonators with electrical readout for mass sensing applications

- Author Information : Professor Lee Jung-chul (Corresponding author, Sogang University Department of Mechanical Engineering), Professor Ko Sang-geun (Seoul National University Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Professor Kang Tae-wook (Sogang University Department of Chemical Biotechnology), Professor Cho Nam-jun (Nanyang University of Science and Engineering Material Engineering), Lee Dong-hyuck (First author, Seoul National University Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Kim Jun-hwi (Primary co-author, Nanyang University of Science and Engineering Material Engineering)


Mimetic diagram that measures oil droplet by using pulled microcapillary tube resonator(above)