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Title Professor Choi In received Dasan Economics Award
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Professor Choi In received Dasan Economics Award



Sogang University School of Economics Professor Choi In was selected as the 35th award winner of Dasan Economics Award. Professor Choi In was acknowledged for achieving unrivaled work by systematizing and compiling ‘Unit Root Test method’ that can test lability of time series data in econometrics and selected as the award winner. The book he wrote is related to unit root and cited 1,461 times worldwide so it is being evaluated to give pioneering contributions.


Dasan Economics Award was established in 1982 to commemorate the spirit of administrating the state to relieve the people’s suffering and practical science philosophy of Dasan Jung Yak-Yong. So this award is the most prestigious award for economists in Korea. Professor Choi In received the plaque along with 30 million won as research fund.

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