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Title Sogang University technology transfer ‘3 dimensional automatic breast ultrasound image’ system to Medical Park
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Sogang University technology transfer

‘3 dimensional automated ultrasonic mammography’ system to Medical Park


- Reduce diagnosis time to 2~3 times less and higher the level of accuracy compared to the existing breast cancer diagnosis technique -



Sogang University Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation (LINC) signed a technology transfer contract with Medical Park(CEO Park, Hui-bung) regarding ‘3 dimensional automated ultrasonic mammography system.” This is a technology that integrated the advantages of existing ‘screening mammography’ and ‘automated ultrasonic mammography testing’ which can be utilized in breast diagnosis devices. Also this can be utilized to get more accurate results and reduce the diagnosis time to 2-3 times less. The contract is worth of 10 billion won of technology transfer fee.


Recently breast cancer is number one risk factor for women’s cancer worldwide so it is common cancer followed by thyroid cancer. In order to do examination on this, ‘mammography’ with outstanding sensitivity of micro-calcification based on x-ray is usually used, for women with fine breast which is known for the risk factor of developing breast cancer, there is a limitation on the sensitivity of mammography which noticeably goes down. Therefore the examiner has to carry out additional breast ultrasonic examination but with the characteristics of ultrasonic examination, the examination time is relatively long(more than 20 minutes) and the examination time can vary according to the examiner’s skills so there is a disadvantage on the level of reliance.


Due to these downsides, ‘automated ultrasonic mammography’ testing, which was recently developed, carried out by radiological technologists in the status of the patient laying down as the ultrasonic transducer, gave pressure in the breast and do mammography. In contrast to the existing ultrasonic testing, the period is relatively short(~15 minutes) and its advantage is that the inspector’s level of dependence is low. However, it is necessary to have large amount of data storage space and disadvantage of need for more time to work on imagery interpretation. Especially there is a problem of distorting the shape of the breast by giving pressure, unlike mammography which is different from existing standard testing, due to other image scanning method, it is difficult to do actual comparison with image through previous mammography(for example micro-calcification).


The technology which department of Electronic Engineering professor Yoo Yang-mo’s research team developed is an integrated method of advantages of ‘mammography’ and ‘ultrasonic waves’ from the two previous methods. Like ‘mammography’ by fastening the breast move together with large ultrasonic wave transducer and by scanning obtain 3 dimensional image of the breast. Compared to the existing ‘ultrasonic waves’, this method has shortened the diagnosis time (within 10 minutes) and it is possible to actually compare with ‘mammography’ image so this is advantageous to enhance the accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis. Especially while scanning the breast, analyze patent’s data which is difficult to do image correction and developed intelligence optimization technology that automatically enhances the image quality. Also by grafting computer assistance detection system, analyze positional information for breast lesion, shape, boundary evaluation and so on. So its characteristic is that the breast lesion can automatically be detected and provide the risks of breast cancer.


Professor Yoo Yang-mo said, “Once this technology is commercialized, this will successfully enter into the mammography diagnosis market as the estimation of more than 1.5 trillion won world-wide,” and added, “it is a technology that is possible to be utilize in Theragnosis (Therapy + Diagnosis) system, which is like a diagnosis-treatment assembled device that integrates mammography, automated mammography and ultrasonic treatment.


On the other hand, this research has been carried out with the support from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning ‘New Technology Integration Listed Power Project’ and carried out with the condition to receive a billion won as the fixed technology fee.