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Title Professor Choi Jung-woo received the Prime Minister Award
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Professor Choi Jung-woo received the Prime Minister Award


- Resulted splendid achievement from Nano Korea 2016 Research Innovation Section (Excellent Research Achievement) by receiving the Top Award -



Sogang University Department of Biomolecular Chemistry Professor Choi Jung-woo received the Prime Minister Award, the Top Award in research section, from The 14th International Nano Technology Symposium and Nano Integration Conference (also known as Nano Korea 2016), which was held from July 13 to 15 at KINTEX, Ilsan.


Professor Choi Jung-woo created world-class level of research achievement in ‘Nano Bio Electronic Chip field’, which is combining nano material and cell, this succeeded in technology industrialization, recognized for academic development in nano field and technology commercialization so he received the Prime Minister Award.


Sogang University research team which is lead by Professor Choi Jung-woo is obtaining excellent research achievements in bio electronic device technology field. Control organic molecules in nano level, combine with inorganic substances and secured bioelectronics device manufacturing technology for the first time in the world, by using this developed nano bio memory device and nano bio processor. Through this, it is possible to do bio computer research of memory and arithmetic function.


Also developed world-wide fundamental technology and carried out commercialization in nano cell chip and nano bio sensor field. Through this, it is possible to do commercialization of disease diagnosis functional bio chip such as breast cancer absorbed into blood, AIDS and so on.


Based on these development technology, published about 370 excellent journals in Science, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Angewandte Chemie, applied for 55 patents and obtained world-wide research achievements.


Professor Choi Jung-woo said, “From now on, will focus on the fundamental technology and commercialization research of long-term chip and human chip, which are most applicable in the next generation of health medical field, also carry out creative research that will bring out disruptive innovation to the biological engineering technology in the future.”


On the other hand, Professor Choi Jung-woo will carry out the research as the center head of ‘Research Center for Disease Biophysics of Sogang-Harvard’ which was jointly established with Sogang University and Harvard University and succeeded to make stingray shaped robot by combining cell of living body and inorganic substance. This result was published in the cover article of an international journal ‘Science’ on July 8.