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Title Critical Global Studies Institute held a seminar
Writer sogpr Date 2016-07-07 Views 1095


Critical Global Studies Institute held a seminar

- Invited seminar of Professor Reinhard Kossler, an expert on past issues of Germany and Namibia -


Sogang University Critical Global Studies Institute (Head of institute Lim, Jie-hyun) organized a seminar by inviting Professor Reinhard Kossler, a world’s great scholar on past issues of Germany and Namibia, with the support from Sogang University Research & Business Foundation on Thursday, July 7.


Professor Kossler is currently appointed at the University of Freiburg in Germany and he is a researcher who has been excavating various South African regional issues along with the past issues between Germany and Namibia for a long time. Professor Kossler from this seminar with the topic <Entangled History and Politics: Negotiating the Past between Namibia and Germany> has taken a look at major issues including Germany’s colonization of Namibia and enclosed relationship between the two countries after the independence of Namibia also introduced the investigation of responsibility and exertion to cure from the colonial control.


The seminar was held on July 7 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Jeonghasang Hall 610 and those graduate students and researchers who were interested in the topic were able to participate.