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Title Professor Lee Jung-chul develops microscope stick that can adjust temperature
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Professor Lee Jung-chul develops microscope stick that can adjust temperature


- Possible to do more than 50 times of detailed analysis, expected to do cancer destroying research -



Sogang University department of mechanical engineering professor Lee Jung-chul research team, developed microscope stick that can take a look at cancer cells in detail for over 50 times more compared to the existing result.


In the case of existing microscope, an important part called cantilever, which is a small stick, was manufactured with silicon but research team of professor Lee developed a stick with soft textured hydrogel that added nanoparticles. The microscope of this functional stick is possible to measure cells that were difficult to measure originally, along with it, can measure temperatures. Through this, when adjusting the temperature of microscope, it is expected to also do research on the process of destroying cancerous cells according to the heat.


Professor Lee Jung-chul said, “This research developed microscope that has various functions including mass transfer, temperature measurement, bio sample measurement and so on,” and announced the aim for the research, “By being specialized in bio microscope market, through commercialization of functional microscope that is possible to monopolize supply, it is expected to create enormous national wealth by acquiring not only in Korea but also in foreign market.


On the other hand, the research achievement, which was carried out with the support from basic research project(individual research) of Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, was published in ‘Nature Communications’, an international academic journal in nano science area on May 20.


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Picture 1. Hydrogel microscope cantilever manufacturing method (top), Hydrogel microscope cantilever that has various probe form that are manufactured (below)



Picture 2. Result of high velocity imaging regarding hard and soft sample (Anodic Aluminum Oxide; AAO) (top) and human fibroblast cells; MRC-5 (below)) (Scale bar 100 nm (top), 5 μm (below))




Picture 3. Application cases by using various nanoparticles such as multi-functional hydrogel cantilever and inductive heat, temperature measure, mass transfer and etc.