Sogang University has continuously been innovating and setting assets on ‘the things the university shall maintain and not be changed’ to come to this day. Through each and every individuals of Sogang alumni making achievements for their personal innovation, Sogang is able to lead the transition of education.

  • Jung Jin-haeng

    Jung Jin-haeng

    International Trade ‘75
    CEO of Hyundai Motor Company
    “My son and I both graduated from Sogang. Despite the 38 year gap between us, Sogang has shown enormous advances and has put in a great deal of effort for their continuous development. I am proud of Sogang making its new renaissance.”
  • Park Chan-wook

    Park Chan-wook

    Philosophy/Mass Communication ‘82
    Film Director
    “In year 1985, we created small filming club called ‘Sogang Film Community.’ At that time, the club members were crammed in small room watching various movies and reading books and dreamed to be the film directors. Sogang is the root of my imagination.”
  • Kim Deok-yong

    Kim Deok-yong

    Electronic Engineering ‘76
    CEO of KMW
    “If there was no Sogang in my life, I would not be who I am today. Throughout the years at school, I had put great effort into being part of Sogang. During my time at Sogang, I gained a sense of courage as part of the Sogang community, and this allowed me to stand where I am now. Sogang is not just my university of graduation but a proud, cherishing, beauty of the history.”
  • Kwon Hyuk-bin

    Kwon Hyuk-bin

    Electronic Engineering ‘92
    CEO of Smilegate
    “When attending Sogang University, I majored in Electronic Engineering and minored in Computer Science (currently named as Computer Engineering). With the multiple major system of Sogang, I was able to gain interest to find my career and study harder. Despite the hesitance and fear, the talents with passion who do not give up their dreams are growing at Sogang.”
  • Ahn Ho-sang

    Ahn Ho-sang

    Political Science ‘79
    Director at National Theater of Korea
    “With the teachings of Sogang, I was able to challenge myself to become a professional art administrator for the first time in nation. As the proud graduate from Sogang, I will build a bridge for Korean art to stand in the center of the world.”
  • Kong Kyung-chul

    Kong Kyung-chul

    Mechanical Engineering ‘00
    Sogang University professor, Developed the fastest cheetah robot in nation
    “I am a researcher who just had begun to approach on the study. I would like to put every effort to think creatively and challenge myself along with my students. Also I hope that the students themselves feel greatly achieved after their hard work. Belief and passion in whatever comes along makes Sogang number one.”